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Few people know that the human body contains more than 600 muscles. Muscles are very important for everyone of us because they are responsible for our ability to move. We would not be able to live without them. Besides, muscles convert the chemical energy in our body into a physical contraction making us move. Muscles create our posture, keep our joints in the stable position and create heat in our body. In fact, they produce about 85 percent of our body heat. Muscles are also involved in the work of almost all inner organs such as a heart, stomach and intestines.

There are three types of muscles, namely the skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and cardiac muscles. Skeletal muscles are mainly attached to the bones and responsible for our movement. They are composed of skeletal muscle tissue, nervous tissue, connective tissue, and blood. We can control the work of these muscles. It is highly important to develop our skeletal muscles all through life. For this purpose we should exercise regularly and effectively.

Building muscles can be a difficult goal for some people, look stat: Con Cret Creatine. To simplify this process it is recommended to use certain dietary supplements. You can find very powerful muscle building products on the modern market nowadays. However, most of them are quite doubtful and do not work, while others prove to be rather effective. One of them is called MT Clear Muscle. This product has demonstrated significant gains (16 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks). It has a good reputation due to its appropriate dose and an open label.

MT Clear Muscle claims to build lean muscle mass due to patented Betator contained in it. Besides, the product has a clinically studied formula that contains 1,000mg of BetaTOR. One bottle of the supplement offes a 4-week supply. Clear Muscle is a revolutionary muscle-building product, powerful metabolite and free acid derivative of HMB and leucine. This formula offers the true potential of HMB with its proven effectiveness, bioavailability, and results. MT was first presented by Jacob Wilson, PhD, CSCS and assistant professor at the University of Tampa, at the 2013 ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) conference.

Although MT Clear Muscle is a relatively new muscle-building product it has won the reputations of a high-rate enhancer for bodybuilders. The supplement was manufactured by a reputable company that also offers some other products designed for people who wish to look and feel great. It really contains only one active ingredient called BetaTOR. It is also known as Free Acid Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate. In fact, it is a new kind of HMB that intends to increase both your strength and muscle mass. You have probably heard of HMB because it has been introduced into the market many years ago, but MT Clear Muscle contains a new type of HMB.

You should be aware that all of the HMB available on the market today is calcium-bonded HMB. It means that it is bound to calcium. The new form is free from any acid and comes with perfect abilities of absorption. BetaTOR is much easier to be absorbed. It works to significantly increase protein synthesis through the mTOR pathway and to decrease catabolism by inhibiting the UPP pathway. It means that your body is put into the best state to develop muscles. This is the only supplement of this kind in a clear liquid pill.

When Clear Muscle reaches the muscle, the main compound it contains activates the anabolic (musclebuilding) process in a special pathway. This process is vital the development and growth of a muscle. The compound also works on the ubiquitin-proteosome-proteolytic pathway (UPPP), a separate pathway. It helps to shut down its activity because the UPPP causes catabolism. In simple words, every dose of the pills improves protein synthesis and at the same time decreases muscle breakdown.

One of the studies was dedicated to the influence of using BetaTOR on the muscle growth and its mechanisms. The researchers looked at biochemical markers of the growth and breakdown of the muscles and demonstrated that ingestion of BetaTOR improved anabolic activity of the muscles by 70% and decreased protein breakdown by 58% respectively. These wonderful results offer mechanistic support for the building power for the muscles due to BetaTOR.

MT Clear Muscle is a completely natural and effective bodybuilding supplement that has been approved by the FDA. For this reason it is considered to be absolutely safe and free from any side effects and adverse reactions. A 12-week clinical study showed that the users of this product have gained 16 lbs. during this period. This is an extraordinary result. It should be remembered that this is the average muscle gain which means that some well-trained athletes could achieve even better results. The placebo group gained only 4.6 lbs. Better results can be achieved if the product is combined with protein, BCAAs, creatine, or any other supplement that intends to enhance performance.

One big research was dedicated to the study of the supplement when taken in the dosage of 3g of HMB free acid per day. The athletes who took the product had also to follow a definite training regimen that included three days of training per week. At the end of the study, it was concluded that the HMB group gained 16 pounds of lean muscle and significantly reduced their body fat (12-14%). All of the athletes were supervised by the trainees and carefully monitored at the University of Tampa Human Performance Research Lab. All of the participants did not use any other supplementation.

MT Clear Muscle is designed for adults only. It is prohibited to use by pregnant or nursing women. Talk to your doctor before using the product if you have any chronic medical condition. There are a lot of users' reviews about the supplement online. Let us have a look at some of them.

"MT Clear Muscle is a quite expensive product but it is worth this money. I was taking it alongside with whey, creatine, beta alanine, d-ribose taurine, and l-histidine while training in a normal regimen. I can see that my muscles have grown a lot."

"I like Clear Muscle very much. I have awesome results after using my first bottle already. I have more strength and bigger muscles. I can do all of my lifts in a shorter amount of time. My chest has definitely increased in size. I would certainly use it again!"

"I am a woman and I started using MT Clear Muscle on December 10. After 2 weeks I saw more muscle definition in my whole body. I was also pleasantly surprised by absence of adverse reactions. Other bodybuilding supplements used to make me feel really bad."

If you wish to make your body more attractive you certainly need to take MT Clear Muscle. It will help you increase your muscle mass and improve your physical performance.

MT Clear Muscle is a completely natural muscle-building supplement that works in your muscles only for giving you the best shape. This product does not lead to side effects. It functions inside your muscles in a natural way.

It is recommended to take two capsules of MT Clear Muscle in the morning, mid-afternoon, and evening. It means that you will take six capsules in a 24-hour period. On workout days you are advised to take one of these six servings 30 minutes before your training. Do not take more than six pills during the day.

MT Clear Muscle is a revolutionary formula empowered to build your muscles due to the content of BetaTOR. It is a metabolite and derivative of leucine and HMB that is directly connected with the growth of lean muscle mass. This ingredient has been clinically proven to work.

The product has many other advantages. Even though it is quite expensive, it is really effective and safe to use. There are a lot of positive users' reviews online. I am sure that MT Clear Muscle is worth your attention. You will like the effect.

If you have decided to improve your body in a simple way hurry up to order MT Clear Muscle at GNC or online. The one month supply costs about $80, but bodybuilding-dot-com sells it for $70 only.