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F2A is a program created for people who want to lose weight. It presupposes doing certain physical exercises, gives concrete directions concerning everyday meals and offers advice for better health and shape. It was developed by two men from the United States of America who, in fact, created their little informative website. The guys aren't popular. They don't offer any other product. But they have downloaded the video showing how they used to lose weight themselves. You can order the DVD via the website.

As it was already mentioned, Flabs to Abs is a DVD offering a 30 day plan to those who wish to lose weight. It includes exercise guidance as well as nutrition information. This program was created by brothers Craig and Matt Lewandowski who used to lose weight using this program. In their video they demonstrate that they managed to transform their own bodies in 30 days. The men recorded their results and lost more than 40 pounds in combination.

Flabs to Abs & Lion's Mane Mushroom focuses on fast weight loss quickly while supporting one's health, some brain - look Lion's Mane Mushroom review. The nutrition plan presupposes eating five times a day every three hours. The DVD tells which specific products you will have to eat. The program is said to be easy and doesn't involve any difficult workouts. The DVD contains six weight training workouts in addition to guidance on cardio. The two brothers don't have any formal fitness background which frightens because not every person is ready to follow the program of amateurs. They just share their experience and want to get money for this.

The first part of the DVD contains information on diet and nutrition. The user must have five meals a day and strictly follow recommendations concerning "allowed" products. Such a diet may be difficult for those who are used to consume much empty carbs and sugar. Each meal contains protein and vegetables, first four meals contain whole grain carbohydrates. Good fats are allowed once a day. You'll need to cut out trans fat, sugar, alcohol and empty carbs from your diet are.

Exercise is the second part of the DVD. This program starts with low-intensity cardio. You can just walk for twenty minutes in the beginning and then prolong this activity. You won't have to jump, jog, or do other intensive exercises. Soon you'll be able to walk three and a half to four miles per hour. You can use an elliptical machine or a light jog within your workouts. The weight training section requires having a weight bench and dumbbells. The disc contains six weight training workouts all of which can be modified depending on your present fitness level. If you don't have the necessary equipment you can skip this very workout. The areas you'll focus on include: Abs, Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, Back, Biceps and Legs.

The manufacturers don't mention any possible side effects of F2A but as any other diet and workout program it can also have some drawbacks. For this reason you should attentively study this program and consult your physician before starting following it. I as a specialist can say that it should be avoided by people having any chronic diseases including heart conditions.

Any extreme workouts can significantly stress your heart. The benefits of exercises become their drawbacks if a person runs more than twenty miles a week and faster than eight miles per hour. The next thing remains true: it's always a good idea to regularly see your doctor in order to ensure that your sports activity is beneficial to your health.

Recently it was found out that intensive workouts are harmful for the oral health. Teeth get eroded faster among athletes than among sedentary people. The matter is that during workouts saliva production is slowed down, while alkaline levels grow. This leads to cavities. Generally, F2A is not an effective program as it doesn't solve the problem of obesity and carries potential dangers to the body. Besides, you never know how intensive you are allowed to train.

"F2A has not refunded me for the product so far. Nor have they responded to my emails since then. What's more, I no longer even have the DVD they charged me for. I would never recommend F2A to any of my friends!!!"

"You have to be 20 years old without a job to be able to follow the routine with the times of the day you are to eat and exercise you could not have a job. they don't bother to tell you that"

"I ordered the new premium bundle for $40 and received just a DVD. Which was priced at $19.99. I did not get my money's worth and I am very upset that they are not giving what is being advertised"

The program Flabs to Abs can be ordered on the official website. Its general price is $ 60.00. It is available on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

I don't think that the program F2A can take proper care of your health and shape as it has a lot of drawbacks. First of all, not all obese people are recommended to do exhausting exercises, as usually such people also suffer from other health problems. The program presupposes weight training which requires a few sets of dumbbells as well as a weight bench. It means that you won't be able to follow the program in home conditions. Besides, F2A may not appeal to women as the exercises are really difficult to repeat.

However, F2A has some advantages. Creators of the DVD demonstrate good results using the offered program which offers direct instructions for doing exercises and nutrition. F2A focuses on exercise and diet in one DVD. The official website contains a lot of success stories but I am not sure that they are real. The manufacturers claim that the program works for everyone but I would not be so categorical.

I can't recommend F2A as there are many other products and programs which can really solve the program of extra weight in a safe and natural way.