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QEPro is said to be an effective tool for increasing penis size and correcting penis curvature. It is also declared to be one of the best traction devices in the modern market. Whether these promises are true we will learn further in this review. This appliance uses a non-surgical principle of functioning promising to enlarge male member by inches. This sounds more like magic, especially to specialists who know traction principle is not the most effective and safe way for increasing penis length and girth. On the contrary, the risk of getting irritation and injuries is very high. QEPro has its own official website that claims this device to be number one of its kind. The product is manufactured somewhere in the USA but the actual address is unknown. It is the only product manufactured by the company.

This penis extender uses the so called traction principle that intends to stretch male member in length. There is also a DSS (Double Strap Support) system that has been engineered to offer maximum tension along the whole body of the male organ. However, according to a number of studies, such a principle is not so effective but may be even traumatic. There is no clinical evidence showing that the device is able to increase penis length and girth, despite the manufacturer's claims that it is possible to reach in just a few months. Safely and natural content of the product is also doubtful.

The manufacturer does not provide information about the materials used for producing the QEPro. It is only mentioned that those materials are medical and non-allergic but who knows whether it is really so? Designed as a non-invasive and natural alternative to penile enlargement surgery, a penis extender is worn completely risk free and will not interrupt the normal function of your penis. The product has a double noose design.

The DSS is said to be an effective anti-slippage system but, according to numerous reviews from users, it is not comfortable for a majority of men. The double support system is set onto the head of the penis. Such strong fixation creates unpleasant tension that is difficult to bear during eight hours a day and especially at night when a man tries to sleep. Besides, wearing such a device can be visualized under clothes. Besides, the QEPro can lead to the sweat build-up on the male organ which can cause irritation. This is the best place for bacteria and the development of fungal and urinary tract infections.

The official website contains a few photos of before and after results of using the QEPro. They are really impressive at first sight but they seem to be completely fake. On other websites many men have complained about zero results after using the device. Others complain that the product has bruised their members. Using such a device you may forget about comfort.

The manufacturer does not mention a word about possible side effects or adverse reactions associated with the use of the QEPro on their official website. It makes me think they don't even take care of their clients and their health. Luckily, the users of this device have shared their impressions connected with its usage. We will address some of the reviews later in this article. The QEPro is said to be designed also to correct different levels of penile curvature. Such a non-surgical solution would sound hopeful unless there were not that many negative reviews about ineffectiveness of the device in these terms. Besides, it is promised that the system provides a quick and painless correction of penile curvature. However, many users claim that using the device is not only unpleasant but also painful.

According to the reviews of numerous QEPro users, the device puts too much tension on the penis. This leads to great discomfort, inconvenience and even irritation. In some cases wearing the appliance may cause accumulation of sweat and dirt on the tissues of the male organ. But the worst thing is that it can provoke the development of fungus and urinary tract infections. Too much pressure can result in an injury. Remember that the product is quite heavy itself. The QEPro should be worn for long periods of time in order to achieve minimal and temporary results. Let us have a look at a few users' reviews online.

"I have the curvature as a result of Peyronie's Disease and I hoped to get rid of it with the help of the QEPro, but, unfortunately, it failed to help. I am disappointed"

"I have not experienced any increase on length and width of my penis after five months of applying the QEPro. I didn't changes in the hardness of erections as well. This product is the worst investment I have ever made"

"The QEPro is too uncomfortable for me to wear. I can hardly walk and sleep wearing this device. I do not even mention my sexual life. Sometimes I can hardly make love with my girlfriend"

The company offers three packages of the QEPro for you to choose from. The most expensive option is the Deluxe Limited package priced at $350. It is not cheap at all but it offers a double set of spare parts. The second option is the Deluxe Standard package with the Guide video that costs $180. The cheapest option is the Value package priced at $120. All three products can be bought on the official website.

I do not think that the QEPro can really solve your penis issues associated with its size and curvature. There are too many unsatisfied clients who confess that the product did not work for them and in some cases even caused side effects. Even though the company offers a full 6 Month Money Back Guarantee, it does not mean that you will immediately receive your money back. They do not accept devices that have visible signs of usage. I cannot recommend the QEPro because there are many other penis enlargement products on the market.